Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning
Accredited Workplace Health and Safety Program

All staff are from the local area with extensive cleaning experience and old fashion work ethic. We have comprehensive insurance policies and have a strong team network to ensure that your cleaning is accomplished to high standard and within the timeframe and provide value for money

We provide cleaning to many of the following industries:

  • Industrial properties
  • Psychological counselling services
  • Research and development facility
  • Medical Centre
  • Natural health practitioner
  • Legal services premises
  • Disability support services
  • Chiropractic
  • Security and Locksmith office

Do you run your own business in the Bundaberg region?

Is your business is committed to making a difference to reducing its footprint it’s the small thing we can do every day that benefit the Earth.

Is the reasonability, benefits and ability to have eco- friendly office cleaning?

There are several benefits to using an eco- friendly cleaning?

Having a more eco- friendly working atmosphere and positive experience will improve the overall morale and productivity. Having a healthy environment with good indoor air quality results have shown that stress and fatigue can be reduced. A happy healthy employee is less likely to be absent and have a more orientated attitude toward their employer

All business owners are unique to their business. We will work with you to customize a cleaning plan that is unique to your business – one that meets your needs without interrupting your day to day operations. You’re the professional at what you do-let our cleaning professional handle keeping your business environment spotlessly cleans for you and your employees. We will ensure a fair deal to suit all parties and how often we are required to provide the service.

Ensuring Timeless is providing a quality service by going our part working in coordination with other business dedicated to having an all- natural non-toxic environment

This is where Timeless can help?

We can combine our Spring Clean, Window Clean also available to tailor to you needs for your business

Here are some of the typical services we provide. Just Ask!

  • Rubbish collection and removal
  • Cleaning reception areas and foyers
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting restrooms
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting kitchen including sink, benches, microwave, cupboards, fridges and stoves
  • Cleaning lounge areas
  • Dusting Furniture ect.
  • Cleaning and Disinfection treatment room and equipment
  • Cleaning Windows and Glass doors
  • Cleaning window sills and skirting boards
  • Cleaning blinds
  • Cleaning walls, skirting boards, doors and frames
  • Cleaning bins
  • Cleaning air conditioners and filters
  • Floors: Vacuum and mop
  • Floors buffed and polished

Timeless pride themselves on their cleaning services, and if you are not happy with the work we have provided we offer a guarantee. Whatever the problem, our staff will return to the job and re-clean missed areas, making sure everything is left to the high standards you expect
Getting a quote is free from us and if you change your mind there is no obligation to use our services.