Spring Cleaning

Top to Bottom Cleaning Service

Spring Cleaning is the practice of the thoroughly cleaning a house in the spring time when weather conditions are favourable. The practice of spring cleaning is especially prevalent in the climates with cold weather. The origin of this term is very diverse depending on its meaning to the culture. The most simple of course is cleaning your home thoroughly when the weather finally starts to warm up again at the beginning of spring

Despite the misleading name, Timeless are pleased to offer the extensive Spring Cleaning services to their clients all year round, no matter the weather is. Our Spring Cleaning Service is a thorough cleaning of your home from ceiling to floor and will give your home some much needed love. Timeless will visit your home and make it shine like new. This is the most inclusive of our services, offering an overhaul of your home, so you don’t have to worry about putting in the hard work yourself.

Checklist planning

Timeless visit your home and sit with you to discuss what needs to be done, completing a checklist based around your home. Our friendly working team will spring clean using our eco-friendly products. They work off the checklist ensuring that you receive the highest standard cleaning so everything is completed and nothing is missed.
Timeless pride themselves on their cleaning services, and if you are not happy with the work we have provided we offer a guarantee. Whatever the problem, our staff will return to the job and re-clean missed areas, making sure everything is left to the high standards you expect

Extra Touches

Our Spring Clean Services include all the perks of our Regular Domestic Cleaning Services, with a few additions to really make your home shine.
These include:

  • cleaning of oven and fridge
  • Removing all the contents of the cupboard and thoroughly cleaning them
  • Dusting and washing all skirting boards
  • Washing all surfaces, including walls, ceilings, door and frames

Getting a quote is free from us and if you change your mind there is no obligation to use our services.