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Why Use Natural Products?

Bundaberg Timeless Cleaning provides domestic cleaning in the Bundaberg area using natural products.? Why is this so important?

Using natural products or ‘being green’ means that we consider our health and our environment. When we think about our home …
Is it clean?
Are we leaving toxic residue when we clean?
Are we polluting the air we breathe inside that home with chemicals?
Cleaning with toxic cleaners is the major cause of indoor air pollution.
What about our environment?
When we rinse our cleaning cloths and empty our buckets, the water goes somewhere.
Once the water containing our cleaning products get into the waterways does it …

Have a negative impact on aquatic animals?
Harm animals that live on these marine creatures?
Re-enter our drinking water?
These are just some reasons why we believe using environmentally products is so important. Please call if you would like some more information.

Yours in cleaning …
The Timeless Cleaning Crew

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